As of July 10th, 2017 Ender Vaults were reintroduced as a monthly crate system, rather than a storage system. How Ender Vaults work is that each month, you can buy one Ender Vault on a Realm of your choice. Once you have bought one, you must wait until next month to buy another one on the same realm, or a different one. Currently, Ender Vaults are 25.00 British Pounds ($32.60 USD) on the online store.

Rewards Edit

July Edit

1x Showboat Enchantment

2x-5x Mask Potions

1x Admin Item

2x Exclusive Titles ([#July] and [Chill])

2x-4x Kill Trackers

1x Money Pouch

1x-3x Mystery Mob Masks

1x Divine Item