Homes are places that you can easily teleport to. You set a home with the command

/sethome [home name] (Ex: /sethome raid)

You can teleport back to your homes by typing

/home [home name] (Ex: /home raid)

All of the different ranks get a different amount of homes they can have set at once.

Rank Home Amounts Edit

Rank # Of Homes
Adventurer 1
Member+ / Apprentice 3
Hunter / Mage / Mortal / Knight 3
Stalker / Enchanter / Executioner / Champion 4
Rogue / Alchemist / Brewer / Titan 5
Thief / Thaumaturge / Sorcerer / Guardian 7
Vanguard / Warlock / Master / Veteran 8
Bandit / Necromancer / Demon / King 10
Overlord 15
Anarchist 20

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