The Member+ and Apprentice Ranks are the first "level" of ranks in SaiCo.

Overview Edit

These ranks cost $5.00. All realms have Member+ except Witch and Ender, who have Apprentice.

Perks Edit

  • An orange [Member+] or pink [Apprentice] prefix.
  • White chat color.
  • Able to have 3 homes.
  • Considered a VIP, and therefore can join games with over 300 people.
  • Able to use [Item] which shows the item you are using in chat.
  • Scam protection.
  • Able to use /rename, which renames a tool or a weapon for $5,000/.
  • Able to use /craft, which opens a crafting table menu.
  • Able to use /hat, which puts a block on your head.

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